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Ideas for Envigorating our Church


Here are some ideas for how we can either promote the church in the community or bring people to the church.  These ideas would at least help get our name out and remind people we're here.

♦  Host a yard sale or swap -- have people bring books, dishes, home decor -- and either try to sell these items or just swap with each other. It could be like a spring cleaning event, and then anything left over could go to charity. We could also combine this with food and clothing drive for FISH.

♦   Potluck and/or picnic at the church

♦   Outreach dinners / or fundraising dinners

♦   Picnic at the old golf course along the river. They have picnic tables and walking trails.

♦   Appalachian Trail hike on a morning prayer Sunday after church. People can come to church, bring a bag lunch, and stay for a hike.

♦   Tubing trip on the river

♦   Movie night at the church

♦   Music concerts at the church

♦   Discuss Christian symbolism in Harry Potter or other popular fiction -- maybe accompanied with a movie viewing?

♦   Bible study (Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings)

♦   Book discussion group

♦   Coffee bar and a cookie swap. I can bring my espresso machine for espresso drinks, and the church already has a coffee maker.

♦   Mardi Gras (Sunday or Tuesday before Lent)

♦   Stations of the Cross / soup and salad event

♦   Coordinate certain events with other churches in the area. Either combine with St. Peter's in Purcellville and Grace Episcopal in Berryville, or do an even larger outreach with all the Clarke County churches.

♦   We could do a picnic in Rose Hill Park or at Chet Hobart Park.

♦   Progressive dinner with the other Episcopal churches

♦   Organize a trip basically anywhere: (Washington / Harpers Ferry / Shrine Mont / etc. )

♦   Shrine Mont work retreat each year in April

♦   Advertise in the Winchester Star and/or other publications. We could list any of these events in their community calendar, and maybe even get an article written, depending on the event. 

♦   Update our website and Facebook page.

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