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Josette's Homilies


Please enjoy homilies from Josette Keelor, one of our lay preachers.

Hope you'll check back here often as we continue to update this page!

31 Dec 2017 (1 Christmas, Year B) "Go in Faith," by Josette Keelor
  -- These are the gestures that change the world.

5 Nov 2017 (22 Pentecost, Year A) "Good Samaritan, or Good PR?", by Josette Keelor
These are questions today’s Gospel reading asks us. These are the situations Jesus cautions us to avoid.

5 Feb 2017 (5 Epiphany, Year A) "Salt of the Earth", by Josette Keelor
  -- You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. In other words, you matter.

3 April 2016 (2 Easter, Year C) "A World of Doubt", by Josette Keelor 
  -- In today’s gospel reading, Jesus appears to his apostles after rising from the dead. He brings them peace and calls them to be messengers for God. The moment would be miraculous however it happened, but the story takes on a second meaning because Thomas wasn’t there to witness it.

16 August 2015 (12 Pentecost, Year B) "Bread of Life", by Josette Keelor 
   -- Do you have the bread of heaven, or is your life full of empty calories?

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