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Vestry Meeting Minutes


Vestry Meeting Minutes – Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Bluemont, VA

Date: 1 Dec 2019

Place: Good Shepherd Parish Hall

Vestry Attendees: Lois Tapscott (Senior Warden), John Edmonds (Junior Warden), Cindy Ingram (Treasurer), Tim Hall (Register), Judy Hall

Other Attendees: Melanie Edmonds

The meeting was called to order at 1300, after a light lunch provided by Melanie, and the meeting adjourned at 1435.

1. Judy provided a report and a debrief of the 225th Diocese of Virginia Annual Convention, held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, November 14-16, where she represented Good Shepherd as our lay delegate. 

a)  A highlight in regards to Good Shepherd is that our request to the Committee on Congregational Missions (CCM) for $14,900 in Diocesan aid, submitted with our 2020 budget request and $6,000 above this year’s aid, was approved.

b)  A copy of Judy’s report is included as an attachment to these minutes.  She also posted information on the bulletin board in the parish Hall.

2. We next discussed outreach for the holiday season and beyond into 2020.

a)  Tim reported that we collected and donated 11 gift shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  They were dropped off at Round Hill Baptist Church on Monday, 24 November.

b)  Our primary interest going forward, besides continuing support for FISH of Clarke County, is to find ways to reach out to seniors in our community. 

      1. Cindy will contact local senior centers in our area over her Christmas break to determine needs that we may be able to help fill. 
      2. Lois will contact Nadine Pluchinsky, our region president and parishioner at Grace, Berryville, to discuss how we may be able to join our forces with Grace and/or St. Mary’s for furtherance of our outreach efforts.

c)  We paid our $1,400 pledge to the Diocese last month.  We still need to complete our $200 donation to the Winchester Region, for which Lois will provide information to Cindy for accomplishment this month.

3. Our next discussion regarded our current financial status and submission of a replacement budget for 2020

a)  We reviewed the 2019 Profit & Loss report, through November, provided by Cindy Ingram, treasurer/bookkeeper.  The P&L and spreadsheet include data from both our operational and HVAC (i.e. Building) accounts.  BB&T provided details for $7,500 worth of unallocated deposits from last month, and the report now includes much more accurate detail.

b)  To date, we have $1,396 in net income, when we compare our total income ($29,676) to our total expenses ($28,280).  Our current bank balances are $12,551 in our operating account and $3,709 in our building account.

c)  Several questions arose for which we will be seeking answers this month

      1. Tim will ask Linda Bailey and David Kiell where we should show our designated gifts in the DOV/CCM budget sheet.  He will also ask about the process for repricing our building/liability insurance, how we go about submitting a new budget for 2020, and the current status of the Scott Foundation Grant.

d)  We modified several 2020 budget items, including the following:

      1. Change Rental Income from $3,300 to $0 since we have lost the Celtics as renters of the sanctuary.
      2. Modify Vicar’s stipend, and associated allowances. to be for 9 months vice 12, as we do not anticipate placement of clergy leadership before April, 2020.
      3. Increase Supply Clergy Compensation and Mileage for the same reason.
      4. Decrease Utilities budget to $7,000.
      5. Increase Routine Maintenance to $4,025 due to capturing actual costs for HVAC maintenance, pest control, gutter cleaning, yard maintenance, snow removal, and anticipate increased costs for facility cleaning.

4. Facility Maintenance and Improvements

a)  John, Tim, and Melanie repaired the sanctuary front doors last month.  Some additional minor work and painting are still to be done.

b)   John will examine the basement screen/storm door that goes out to the patio to see if it can be repaired or should be replaced.

c)  John fixed the loose interior facing on the closet door in the parish hall.

d)  John will revisit the project quotes we received last Spring & Summer to prioritize work for next year, based on a $9,000 budget (our current account balance plus anticipated fundraising) for presentation at our next vestry meeting.

5. Event planning

a)  Our next vestry meeting will be Sunday, January 5th after the service.  Goals:

      1. Financial / budget review
      2. Review facility plans for 2020
      3. Search committee report, including preparations for congregational survey (the 12 questions!)
      4. Ideas for fundraising and for mission/outreach in 2020

b)  Congregational Meeting – 1st Sunday in February 2020


Respectfully submitted by Tim Hall, Good Shepherd Register – 12/1/2019

Judy Hall, delegate report from the 225th DOV Annual Convention
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