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Tim's Homilies


Please enjoy homilies from Tim Hall, our lay officiant and preacher.

Hope you'll check back here often as we continue to update this page!

Tim Homily - 2022-06-05 (Pentecost Sunday Year C) Language and the Holy Spirit

Tim Homily - 2022-05-01 (3 Easter Year C) An Epic of Love

Tim Homily - 2022-04-03 (5 Lent Year C) Blessed are We

Tim Homily - 2021-12-05 (2 Advent Year C (Lessons & Carols)) Waiting

Tim Homily - 2021-10-03 (19 Pentecost Year B) October is Job Month

Tim Homily - 2021-07-11 (8 Pentecost Year B) Suffering or Sacrifice

Tim Homily - 2021-03-07 (3 Lent Year B) Good Trouble

Tim Homily - 2020-11-08 (23 Pentecost Year A) Committing to Christ

Tim Homily - 2020-09-20 (16 Pentecost Year A) Unmerited Grace

Tim Homily - 2020-03-01 (1 Lent Year A) Temptation Test

Tim Homily - 2020-01-05 (2 Christmas A) Love Defeats Evil (from STW)

Tim Homily - 2019-11-03 (21 Pent C, Proper 26) Today Salvation Has Come

Tim Homily - 2019-08-04 (8 Pent, Year C, Proper 13) Life's True Treasure

Tim Homily - 2019-07-07 (4 Pent Year C) Independence Day

Tim Homily - 2019-04-07 (5 Lent Year C) Living Life Anew

Tim Homily - 2019-03-06 (Ash Wednesday) Redemption Song

Tim Homily - 2018-11-04 (24 Pent B, Proper 26) Where's Your Saint Costume

Tim Homily - 2018-10-21 (22 Pent B, Proper 24) Attention

Tim Homily - 2018-09-30 (19 Pent B, Proper 21) Healing Power

Tim Homily - 2018-07-15 (8 Pent B, Proper 10) A Truly Royal Family

Tim Homily - 2018-06-17 (4 Pent B, Proper 6) Be Faithful, Keep Planting

Tim Homily - 2018-04-15 (3 Easter B) Learning from Thomas - No doubt

Tim Homily - 2018-03-18 (5 Lent Year B) Melchizedek Again

4 March 2018 (3 Lent, Year B), "Journey Home", by Tim Hall
  --  Our spiritual journey may take us through the wilderness but leads, if we stay the course, to the Promised Land.

7 January 2018 (1 Epiphany, Year B), "The True Nature of Light", by Tim Hall
  --  By our baptism in the name of Lord Jesus, God wants Jesus’ light to shine through us.

17 December 2017 (3 Advent, Year B), "Advent Stories", by Tim Hall
  --  "People, look East and sing today, Love the Lord is on the way."

19 November 2017 (24 Pentecost, Year A), "Giving Thanks", by Tim Hall
  --  A homily for Thanksgiving and our annual Community Harvest Luncheon.

15 October 2017 (19 Pentecost, Year A), "Will you come?", by Tim Hall
  --  God himself has prepared a feast for us.  Will you come"  Or are you too busy?

30 July 2017 (8 Pentecost, Year A), "Horticulture for our Souls", by Tim Hall
  --  Good Shepherd is a small church.  A mustard seed among churches.  But we will never know what wonderful flowering may be in store for us unless we heed the advice of the many horticultural parables Jesus shared.

23 July 2017 (7 Pentecost, Year A), "Wheat or Weeds?", by Tim Hall 
  -- We need to ask the Lord to use us in ways we may not know or understand to further his Kingdom.

16 July 2017 (6 Pentecost, Year A), "Spirit-filled Soul Soil", by Tim Hall 
  --  “Listen!  Let anyone with ears listen!”  Did you notice the explanation marks?  Jesus is telling his disciples and us important stuff.  And he's imploring us to listen. 

2 July 2017 (4 Pentecost, Year A), "Welcoming Others, Welcoming God", by Tim Hall
  --  Abraham’s faith is profoundly challenged in this morning’s reading from Genesis.

18 June 2017 (2 Pentecost, Year A), "Echo of the Trinity", by Tim Hall 
  -- Like Abraham, we must look for God in all people and act accordingly. Be brave, show compassion, have faith, keep trying.

19 Mar 2017 (3 Lent, Year A), "Is the Lord Among Us?", by Tim Hall

5 Mar 2017  (1 Lent, Year A) "Creation Rediscovered", by Tim Hall

19 Feb 2017 (7 Epiphany, Year A) "Jesus the Radical", by Tim Hall

4 Dec 2016 (2 Advent, Year A) "Comfort in Little Lent", by Tim Hall
  --  A short homily for Lessons & Carols


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